Torkei Judo is a non profit organisation that runs intensive training sessions, multi-day camps and specialist Masterclasses.

Many of our sessions have a low pupil to coach ratio so that students get a truely unrivalled learning experience.

Our Junior Judo camps are designed to help improve a child’s self-confidence, mental toughness and of course their judo skills.

We all know that no one ever developed any real confidence without first overcoming a significant personal challenge. Hence we teach children an ethical, empowering framework combined with a positive philosophy about competition.

Mental toughness
We consider competition as an outstanding means for improving mental toughness. Avoiding competition means children may be missing out on the real lessons Judo has to offer. Our camps are fun and often have a team competition running over the camps duration and every child can contribute towards their team’s score.

In a fun environment children embrace the opportunity to learn. Our junior camps ensure that there is the right balance between technical instruction and execution within an engaging and positive setting.