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For March 12th Steve Gawthorpe Masterclass

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  • I have read and fully understand the information relating to the Torkei Judo Junior camp.
  • I am satisfied that all reasonable care will be taken for the safety of those participating and that adequate staffing and safety measures have been arranged. I understand the extent and limitation of the insurance cover provided.
  • I consider my child to be medically fit to participate in the activities outlined and agree to inform the organisers should this situation change between now and the activity date.
  • I will inform the organisers of any changes in my child’s medical circumstances prior to the activity date.
  • I have discussed with my child the acceptable standards of behaviour expected of him/her at Torkei Judo camps and he/she has agreed to abide by the rules and follow instructions given by staff.
  • I agree to my child receiving medication and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.
  • I am familiar with the nature of the event and consent to the child named on the above form taking part.

  • I give permission for photographic/video images of my child and quotes attributed to my child, to be used in Torkei Judo's brochures, leaflets and displays including the local press, the Torkei Website. If you want more information on where and how photos/video of your son/daughter will be used please contact